My scandalous lips have been rousing the ire

Of men who seek penance in one night’s desire.

Avoiding sharp urges toward ardent affairs,

I remain elusive yet poised for the dare.


To conquer my virtue and court loyalty,

They unmask my lips, but their eyes fail to see

That beneath the rouge and the gloss is just this–

A desolate being who yearns for one kiss.


My lips whisper memories still febrile with lust,

Protrude against reason, betray all self-trust,

Envelop old truths sown on strawberry tongue,

Beguile fervent suitors with pouty wisdom.


Deception, when paired with the thrill of the chase,

Curls these tender lips with its foul aftertaste.



Copyright © 2007 By Chantale Reve

4 Responses to “Lips”

  1. You have such an intriguing mystique.
    I’m so happy I followed you here.

  2. Truly beautiful powerful poetry! Love this one!

    • Chantale Reve Says:

      Interesting story behind this one: I wrote the poem en route to Montreal via rail. A guy half my age had been flirting with me, but on the verge of harassment, while I attempted to eat a sandwich. I wound up wolfing down my meal and fleeing the cafe car. As soon as I reached my seat, I whipped out my travel journal and wrote a scathing first draft. After I calmed down, I saw the humor in the situation and wound up rewriting the poem as a limerick, vowing that next time I’d fly to Canada.

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