The Final Kiss

I never thought that a kiss

Could haunt like a memory,

Outrun the rain in dampening my joy,

Under a hard-won state of reverie.


Walking past stony faces,

I suddenly recall a kiss so sweet

That drew in the stale air of wasted breath,

Then baptized cursed lips with moistened heat.


Vivid memory imprisons the kiss within my mind,

Causes trembling in the legs and welling of the eyes,

For a kiss never to know it will caress my lips again

Returns uninvited until the desire dies.


The final kiss vows never to be forgotten,

Ever to be the spark to a flame,

Always to be relived in countless dreams,

Eternally to sear my heart with his name.

Copyright © 1999 By Chantale Reve

4 Responses to “The Final Kiss”

  1. Chantale Reve Says:

    Point well taken, Evan. Passion can overtake reason in a heartbeat. Thank you for your comment and for appreciating my art.

  2. I have to forward this to a friend. She will relate so completely to what you are saying!

    • But, Linda, with one caveat: Love is great, but with a heaping dose of reason. Thanks for your comment!

      • chantalereve I just found your blog and I love your poetry. I think in a perfect world a healthy relationship is based on attraction tempered with a healthy dose of reason as you said. However in my experience reason,restraint,logic and even healthy boundaries go out the window never to heard from again. Thanks for sharing your art with us all.

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