Friendship in the Age of GPS

Soaring across a blue, cottony-cloud-puffed sky,

On sharp frequencies of love’s urgency,

Detecting every blip of your tears and sighs,

I adjust my radar to spaces where you breathe.


To fulfill my mission of placating your mind,

I zoom with élan beyond the speed of sound,

Leaving my world-weary specter behind,

Celestial wings poised to sweep you off desolate ground.


And if you dare to rise above goslings and the damned,

Escaping their desperate clutches of despair,

Then cling faithfully to these gossamer strands

For enchanted flight meant for us to share.


Copyright © 2007 By Chantale Reve

2 Responses to “Friendship in the Age of GPS”

  1. Love This! Just beautiful!

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