Conquest on Île de la Cité




Lapping like the Seine

At her bank, a gargoyle stokes

Fossilized lava.




© 2012 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved

3 Responses to “Conquest on Île de la Cité”

  1. Beautiful scene; ecstasy, intimacy and the satisfaction’s introducion frozen in time. I love it. As a piece of pure face value it is beautiful and at the world beneath what is easily scene you find yourself crawling back to the memories of pools of fire once ignited around you…

    • Thank you, rtmlove, for your comment. Isn’t it lovely, too, how many different interpretations can be made about a poem? If nothing else, I hope that readers of this poem will feel the fear and lust in the verse and images.

      When I wrote “Conquest,” I indeed transported myself back to the very spot where I first spotted a gargoyle on la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris and also on the upper and lower quays that I had strolled numerous times.

      As for the gargoyles themselves, viewing such magical sculpture in movies is nothing like seeing them in the flesh, so to speak.

      I also want to thank all of you for *liking* this poem.

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