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Evan’s Essence

Posted in Femmetaphysics, Senryū with tags , on October 2, 2016 by Chantale Reve

I dreamt Ev frenched me;

Looped him scooping up my form

Within stellar arms.





© 2016 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved


Wishing on a Medianoche

Posted in Erotica, Femmetaphysics with tags , , , , on July 8, 2016 by Chantale Reve

So now, thanks to technology, a mystery has been solved:

Why I love washing down medianoches with mojitos,

Feel rumba “riddims” from Dixie queen bottom to th-th-thonged toes,

Find my crinkly hair ambivalent as to laying down in winter —

Or frizzing up like dandelion seed head under blankets of summer funk —

And have surrendered to bodacious bounty of all that junk in my trunk.


Still, how could I not detect genetic treasures herein:

Dulce de leche skin and, from the sin of heavy petting, pendulous breasts

Alluring to bolero-humming lips thirsty for two liters of condensed milk

That reveal traces of Bustelo overdoses (ayyy, midnight neuroses)

Because Bobby/José/Antonio … papi chulo didn’t booty-call (yo!)

When he was supposed-ta?


Despite an innate fixation on Desi Arnaz’s wild-eyed trances during “Babalú,”

And the end of an embargo, I’m prohibited from visiting an ancestral homeland

Lest some cursed, authenticated wood pulp product prove beyond a DNA doubt

That I’ve got living, breathing and cigar-growing and -rolling clan

All up in the sun-drenched hinterlands where Bisabuela Minerva’s


Chewed on sugarcane and made it rain for those with wandering hands.


Here in this existentially turbulent stratosphere, I’m scowling by the hour,

Suffering the distance of cultural affinity to an isle that’s a ferry hop from Miami

Due to not matching one of twelve “qualifying” categories (puhhhleeeze!)

Assigned by dumb a$$es paving roads of gold for capitalistic masses,

When all I wish to do in Afro-Cuba — accessible only by blood (Pop’s) and in lucid dreams —

Is run toward rooted kin’s abrazos, stealing Changó’s thunder with rapturous Spanglish screams.



“Wishing on a Medianoche” © 2016 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved

One-Woman Man of Steel

Posted in Femmetaphysics, Senryū, Straight-up Romance with tags , , on October 19, 2015 by Chantale Reve

Tucked beneath his wing,

Lo, my heart is his to steal —

Would laser orbs heal.

© 2015 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved

Retrofitting Neon Halos from a Firefly Guy

Posted in Erotica, Femmetaphysics, La Poésie Érotique, Senryū with tags , , , , on August 24, 2015 by Chantale Reve

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Goldie, Mocked

Posted in Erotica, Femmetaphysics, Interracial Sex, Senryū with tags , , , , , , , on November 17, 2013 by Chantale Reve

Black-and-white memories

Throbbed from nooks where her ex robbed

The jewel of her smile.

© 2013 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved

SOLD: Lily Pad No. 251

Posted in Femmetaphysics, Straight-up Romance with tags , , , , , , , on August 7, 2013 by Chantale Reve

Loving in vain, she wanders down forked dirt roads
Lined with daisies disguising foul scents to false places;
Wonders why diamonds fail to inspire the magic of pretense —
Luxuriantly illusory comforts like kisses in pythons’ embraces —
Her verdancy transposing inverted poetry of unpossessable cads.

In her former life she flitted across lily pads,
As content as other doted-on, bloated toads,
Blind to the green-gray pond scum swirling below,
Cataracts having tricked her sedated mind
Into losing track of idle time idolizing him.

Since then she has shed the last layer of thin skin,
Save webbed tenderness between maple-brown toes,
Which limits her flight to safe hops and brave leaps
Through lovely nothingness, air currents on ecstasy’s throes,
Fantasies of him whispered to bent leaves on mocking trees.

Nightfall finds her laughing, dancing away invisible pain
As twinkling stars envy her incandescence in motion,
Fingertips snapping sparklers into existence amid fireflies,
Microbraids whipping up rhythms to a trip-hop essence —
Unrequited love reveling in the spirit of reptilian resistance.

© 2013 Chantale Rêve
All Rights Reserved - 4.3 K

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Girl Meets Buoy

Posted in Femmetaphysics, Senryū with tags , , , , on June 30, 2013 by Chantale Reve

Dolphin Underwater

As the toy lighthouse
Bobs from view, gray dolphins weep,
Lulling her to sleep.

© 2013 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved

Channel Buoy

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